Tips for Style

What hair style is best for my face shape?
Certain hairstyles work better with certain facial shapes. A style that looks great on someone else might not look the same on you. At Rubies Hair Salon in San Diego, we’re experts at helping you choose the right hair style for your facial shape.

The trick to finding your own best style is to find a cut that flatters and balances your features. For instance, if you have a round face, wear your hair in layers around your face to create angles and avoid short hairstyles that can make your face look rounder.

For a square face, avoid boxy and severe hairstyles such as those with straight across bangs and chin length bobs. Instead, try styles that are shoulder length or longer and hair styles that are more asymmetrical or worn to the side.

If you have a heart-shaped face, concentrate waves and volume around your chin, and avoid having a lot of volume and curls in the top of your hair. For long faces, avoid wearing your hair straight and past your shoulders, which can make your face look even longer. Hair styles that are near or above your shoulders work really well. Soft waves are also nice to balance the length of your face.

At your appointment, we will listen to your ideas for your desired style, take into consideration the shape of your face and your hair texture, and then recommend a hair style that will enhance your image.