Tips for Oily Hair

Oily hair can present a challenge….especially if your hair is oily and your scalp is dry. Here are a few suggestions for maintaining the beauty of your hair.

Shampoo your hair daily with a mild, pH-balanced shampoo. Baby shampoos are great. Shampoos that say they are for oily hair can actually be damaging to your hair and can be too harsh for every day use. Use a gentle cleansing shampoo instead.

When using conditioner, avoid putting it on the roots of your hair. Instead, use conditioner only on your hair ends or the lower half of your hair.

A healthy diet will help as well as drinking lots of water. Water is one of the key ingredients in healthy skin and hair.

Avoid all hair styling products containing silicone, oils or lanolin, as well as two-in-one products – these can be too heavy and make your hair produce even more oil.

Use a natural bristle brush such as boar’s hair to brush your hair. A natural bristle brush will help soak up extra oil from oily hair and redistribute it along the dry lengths to better condition the bottom of your hair and increase shine.