Tips for Frizzy Hair

What causes frizz? Frizzy hair is caused when dry, porous hair absorbs moisture from the humid air in an attempt to get hydration back into the hair cuticle. This in turn causes the hair shaft to swell and kink all over. What is the solution?

Try an Ionic Blow Dryer:
Ionic blow-dryers can help to reduce frizz by compressing the cuticle of your hair as you blow dry it. This locks out moisture which can cause the hair to swell and frizz.

Avoid Hair Spray:
Most hair spray products contain high amounts of alcohol. Alcohol, when absorbed by the hair cuticle, can cause the hair to swell and frizz.

Deep Condition Once a Week:
A deep conditioner offers amazing therapy for frizzy hair. A deep conditioning treatment at least once a week can restore and hydrate your locks with an intensely rich dose of moisture. Several deep conditioning treatments are available at Rubies Hair Salon in San Diego to help hydrate, nourish, and fight the frizz.

Condition and Moisturize:
Unless your hair is extremely fine, use a deep conditioning product when you shampoo. Be sure to leave it on for at least five minutes. Afterwards, blot your hair gently with a microfiber towel as it will produce less friction in your hair. Don’t twist or rub your hair with the towel as this can cause your hair to break.

Try Moroccanoil:
Moroccanoil products such as the regular Moroccanoil treatment and the Moroccanoil Light Oil treatment are fabulous lightweight anti-frizz oils that help to smooth the hair cuticle. Apply to your hair while it is still damp to help your hair retain moisture and to achieve super soft, smooth styling results.

Avoid The Heat:
Heat styling, straightening, and flat ironing can create havoc with your hair, especially very fine hair types which are more likely to experience cuticle damage. Use heat styling tools sparingly. Heat protective sprays will offer some protection. Air dry your hair when possible, and when using heat styling tools, try to keep the tool in contact with the hair only as long as needed.