Tips for Curly Hair

Curly Hair Tips:
As anyone with curly hair knows, curly hair is different from other hair types and requires different care. Below are a few recommendations if you have beautiful curly locks! At Rubies Hair Salon in San Diego, our product collection features hair care products that will nourish all types of curly hair, and we will be happy to recommend the best cleansing and styling products for your own individual needs when you visit us.

Shampoo Carefully:
When you shampoo your hair, avoid circular or vigorous motions that can tangle the hair

Add Moisture:
Always use conditioner. Conditioner is a must for wavy or curly hair types, and the curlier and thicker your hair is, the more moisture it needs, and the more product it will absorb. If you have very fine or thin curly hair, apply conditioner to the lower half of your hair and avoid putting conditioner on your scalp. If you hair is very curly, coarse, or very thick, use conditioner liberally and apply all over.

Detangle Gently:
Curly hair can tangle easily. After shampooing, use your fingers to detangle your hair while it is still wet. Only use a wide tooth comb when necessary. Start at the ends and gently comb through the hair, working your way upwards from the ends to your scalp.

Air Dry When Possible:
When drying your hair, avoid twisting it and wrapping it tightly in a towel. Use a jersey or t-shirt type material to towel dry your hair. For best results, leave the blow dryer, and allow your hair to air dry naturally. Small amounts of product can be used while scrunching or twisting hair sections to define curls or create ringlets. Add more product as needed to created your desired look. If your hair is very dry, you can also apply a leave in conditioner.

Try a Leave in Conditioner:
The key to a frizz free curly hair style is moisture. Moisturizing the hair will not only help its overall health, but will help to eliminate frizz. Before styling your hair, be sure to spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner. This will give your hair that extra moisture that it craves.

Use Products with Natural Ingredients:
Hair products made from natural ingredients are significantly better for curly hair. They are healthier and will in turn leave your hair looking fabulous. Most hair products that use synthetic ingredients dry the hair and leave it brittle. When possible,choose sulfate free and alcohol free products that contain natural ingredients that will moisturize your hair and protect your hair cuticle from damage.

Avoid Overusing Products:
Is your hair crunchy after styling? This could be the result of too much product in your hair, or perhaps the product you are using is too strong for your hair.