Products Tips

Many people ask if salon products are better for their hair than the brands commonly sold in supermarkets and drug stores. Is there really a difference? At Rubies Hair Salon in San Diego, we believe that there is a level of quality that distinguishes a professional salon brand from a drugstore brand.

One of the main differences is that salon conditioners will contain more of the important moisturizers and proteins that your hair needs. This means that they will be more easily absorbed by your hair. Drugstore brands generally carry a much smaller amount of essential moisturizing ingredients. Just because they say those helpful moisturizers are in the product does not mean there is enough in there to do anything to help the health of your hair. Salon hair care products have much more of the proteins and vitamins that your hair needs to stay healthy.

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Most professional salon products are designed to be gentle on your hair. Drugstore brands often contain lathering agents, sulfates, and salts and these ingredients can be very damaging to permed, color treated or over process hair. Contrary to popular belief, shampoo does not need to lather to clean your hair. A good shampoo can actually clean your hair without any lather at all, and shampoos with lather can be very damaging to your scalp and hair. Our San Diego hair salon uses and sells hair care products that are designed to nourish and enrich the health and beauty of your hair, not strip or damage.

When you spend money on a beautiful hair color or a gorgeous new haircut, it is worth the investment to also purchase high quality ingredients to ensure that the color lasts, that your hair stays healthy and retains its shine.

Ask us about ColorProof hair care products at your next appointment at our San Diego hair salon. This high quality line of salon products is gentle on your hair and designed to preserve the life of your color.