Hair Care Tips from the Pros

At Rubies Hair Salon in San Diego, we understand hair! Do you have questions about how to make your hair color last longer? Or perhaps which hairbrush is the best options for creating your particular style? Or which type of haircut is the most flattering for your facial shape? We can help! Our Tips page is full of professional salon tips to help you create gorgeous style in between your visits to our hair salon in San Diego. Whether you have lavish curls and luxurious length, or dry damaged hair that has been affected by heat styling and over processing, you’ll find helpful tips on this page for super healthy hair that turns heads.

Tips for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you know that it is different from all other hair types. Whether you have a short curly style or long tousled locks, our tips will help prevent tangling and dryness.

Tips for Damaged Hair

While some of our San Diego salon clients have naturally dry hair, others have hair that has become dry due to over styling, over processing, and exposure to the elements. Whatever the cause of your hair’s damage or lack of moisture, we have the answers to restore its shine and health.

Tips for Oily Hair

Oily hair types face challenges not experienced by other hair types. You can shampoo your hair in the morning, and then by afternoon, feel as though you may need to shampoo it again.

Tips for Frizzy Hair

Do you battle frizzy hair on a daily basis? The stylists at our hair salon understand your frustration and have several tips that can tame a frizzy mane and keep it smooth.

Tips for Thin Hair

Many of our clients suffer from very fine or thinning hair. But thin hair doesn’t have to hamper your style. A great cut specifically designed for thin hair can give you the style that you want and maximize the hair that you do have.

Tips for Colored Hair

If your hair has been colored, it requires an extra level of care and attention to keep the color looking vibrant and beautiful until you return to the salon for your next appointment.

Brush and Tool Tips

Which brush is best for maintaining your particular hairstyle? What are some excellent flat iron and heat styling tips? How can I create perfect curls?

Products Tips

Many people ask us if there is a difference between products that you buy at a salon and products that you purchase at a local drugstore. Is there really a difference?

Tips for Style

Ever wondered which hair style is right for your face shape? There is a perfect cut for everyone!