Thank you for visiting my website. I am Kim Brown and I have been a stylist in San Diego for 38 years. I am an artist who enjoys painting abstract art as well as the medium of hair design. I am blessed that I get to do for a living something that I love. I think like an artist, and over the years, I have learned to use that to your advantage in that I am sensitive to the needs of my guests. I have become a great listener, and I enjoy the coming together as artist and client who want a polished and artistic result that stands out among a sea of hair in the public.

One thing that I hear over and over when I meet people in my chair for the very first time is that it was very hard for them to leave their former stylist, even though they were not happy any longer with the quality of work or the attention to detail due to overbooking. New clients tell me that they have a hard time taking the step forward to try someone new because of their guilt feelings of leaving someone else. I can understand that, and I appreciate your loyalty to them. I am committed to making the transition as easy as possible for you, taking baby steps if needed, so that you are comfortable coming to someone new. Whether that means a short, simple consultation before your first appointment, or trying out one service at a time, I’m all for it. I have made sure that I have provided visuals on my website that you can browse through to get acquainted with examples of my work on actual clients. Before and after photos, and some finished product photos will give you an idea of the safety you can look forward to, the years of education and experience and devotion to excellence. If we are not a good fit, I won’t pressure you or force anything. There is someone exactly right for you. But if you are ready to be with a stylist who doesn’t overbook and doesn’t rush you out to get to the next client, if you are ready to have your appointment be just for you, with a stylist who makes our time about you and not me…then let’s give it a chance. You let me know what you would like your experience to look like and I will do my best to hit all the marks and create a lasting relationship.